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A couple of issues

I've emailed support about these issues but I thought I'd post here in case anyone gets the same problems. I will update the post as things get resolved.

1. When I first turn on my Erae, the touch does not work as expected.

  • I have to touch the pad twice to make a note sound
  • It sends random midi commands to my other devices causing them to change programs/patches. Even with one device connected directly it does this.
To fix the above problem I have found that running the squencer on layout 9, then going back to another layout, it works as expected.

Please see video here -

2. The other issue seems to be thta I have 4 columns of pixels not working correctly, so when I press these harder, other sensors are triggered on this same vertical column. Here are a couple of videos to show you this.

I can fix this problem by removing the ghost notes by using ALT + -, but when I next switch the Erae off and then back on, it goes back to both of the above problems.

Hopefully support can provide a solution!


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Yes we are investigating the MIDI-TRS bug as well.

We were able to reproduce the behavior that some of you highlighted.

The developer are diving into it as well.

Just as a side note make sure you  are working with the firmware version 1.2

Because a similar bug was found on the previous  version.

OK great. Yes I'm using the latest 1.2 version, I did that as soon as I received it.

Hello All,

Here is the hot fix for the Ghost Note & MIDI-TRs!

You just need to upload this new firmware file with Erae Lab as usual.

Can you try it and confirm this solve the issue.

We will then make the official release early next week!

Patch note:

Fixed new Erae Touch batch ghost note issue

Fixed Erae Touch MIDI TRS output gibberish

Fixed the intensity of some notes not returning to normal when released

 This update may change the sensitivity tuning of your Erae, you can tweak it back to your preferred sensitivity with the Erae Lab


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Initial tests seem to show that it is now fixed! But I will use it more later.

Also, the midi problem also seems to be fixed :)

Many thanks!

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I can't wait to Install this later. From what I can tell, my erae has been working great with the exception of the midi bug. Thanks for hotfixing!

 I'm unfortunately still seeing similar issues with ghost notes with 1.2.3.  I'd actually go so far as to say the behavior is worse.  

I still have two columns that have issues, though they are shifted from the ones from the previous version.  It seems that reproduction is a little harder, but the pressure needed to trigger the cascade of notes is less which causes it to be harder to avoid.  Previously I had to use pretty close to what I'd say my maximum comfortable pressure is, now it's quite a bit less.  Ghost note removal didn't do much.  Pressure setting changes also didn't do much.

Have not tested anything with MIDI yet.

I played with my setup for 2-3 hours last night and I'd say it now works 98% of the time regarding the ghost notes. On 2 occasions I was getting ghost (only small ones, not vertical rows like before) notes which started randomly, but I did a quick calibrate and it fixed them.

I've not had a problem with midi at all. I used to have to run the sequencer to fix the midi problem (weird) but I've not had to do that at all.

I may even use it live this Thursday, I'll see how it goes!

There are a few tweaks I think the pad could do with, but I'm sure these will get sorted now that people are starting to use them and provide feedback.

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Indeed this is not normal,

We gonna be sure to update everything so it can work properly

- Be sure to close any DAW

- Open Erae Lab (you can find it here

- Be sure that your Erae is connected to the Erae Lab (Erae logo purple with "connected" on the top right corner of the software

- Download the latest firmware that I attached here

- Click on the Gear next to the Connected Icon on the top right side of the Erae lab to open the Erae settings

- Drag and drop the firmware on the "drop or select update file" square and click on Update

- When the Erae restart, go back on the gear settings and click on "reset factory layout", that will replace all the layout that you have on the Erae, (if you have custom on make sure to save them as a file on your computer. On Erae lab choose the layout that you want to save, click on pull then click on save as on the top left corner of the Erae Lab)

- You should see Erae Firmware 1.2.3 above the check for update button

Your problem should be solved !

If not or if you have to much trouble going through these steps, contact me at so we can make a call and solve this together.

Have a nice day !



As for Windows 11 users: 

After countless tests, we have realized there is a compatibility issue with Windows 11 and our software ERAE Lab.

And this issue is preventing the installation of the 1.2.3 firmware. Let us know for all those who are still having problems with glitch, whether they are on Windows.

We are investigating the Windows 11 issue, and we will be providing a solution as fast as we can. Basically the problem is the loading bar is not displayed when being updated. If the moving loading bar does not display during the installation phase on you Touch, that means your Touch is not updated. Even if it mentions the word "Updating".  Perhaps that is the reason we believe why Win users are still experiencing glitch issues.

As for folk who know how to send information to their ERAE Touch through an external software (like MIDI OX)..etc feel free to do so, and let us know what happens.

We will be investigating the problem for Win 11, and come up with a solution asap.


Reach out to me directly at for any updates/concerns or reply on this forum!

Hey guys, are you still experiencing issues, after checking whether your ERAE is truly updated or not?

As I mentioned before, you should see ERAE Firmware 1.2.3 above the check for update button inside the ERAE Lab. Let me know if you all see that and still experience issues.


I updated just fine a few days ago using Win 11. All seems to be working fine now, many thanks!

Follow up from me.. 1.2.5 seems to have resolved what remained of my issues.  Thanks Embodme.

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