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Hi guys,

Not allot of posts here but wanted to say that the eraepad is still a great machine, but I'm very disappointed in the fact that there is almost no community or anything being shared.

Like the API could be mind blowing, when used in videos on socials for example.

But i'm just a creative mind, not a programmer.
So python scripts for animations, I really don't even know where to begin..

API video

To be honest, the lack of communication, i've already accepted the idea that support is long gone and that there will be a time soon (remember the Leap motion anyone?) that the eraepad will be bricked because of lack of updates...

But let's be honest, it's still great and can even be greater! It's usable in so many ways, we just need to share everything we have. SO please EMBODME, there is so much info. Make it exist! Be alive!! BE GREAT!!!

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