ERAE 1.2 is out now!

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You can now save and load all your layouts at once within the same project file!

Save your current ERAE Touch now by clicking on « Pull and Save project ». Load your project with «Load and Push project ». The .erproj file contains all 16 layouts of the ERAE Touch. Save a crazy amount of time by switching quickly between your favorite Studio and Live projects.

Factory layouts remade!

New factory layouts are brighter, with more contrast and vibrance. Now you can make your ERAE layouts shine through your performances.

When you’ll update you ERAE Touch to the 1.2 version, your layout will not be replaced. Be sure to save your favorite layouts before resetting to the new factory layouts.

If you want to save an individual layout, click on « save layout » on the top bar. If you want to save all the layouts that are on your ERAE at once, click on the new feature «Pull and save project».

To reset to the new factory default layout collection, click on the setting icon on the top right corner, then click on Reset to factory layout.

Customizable sensitivity!

Change the minimum and maximum sensitivity of your ERAE Touch, click on the setting icon and adjust the pressure range to your liking!

Now you can adjust your ERAE Touch to your own touch.

Use the new Layout shortcut button (with Program change preset)

1 - Drag and drop a button,

2 - Choose Program change

3 - Choose « Layout change » in the preset list

4 - Choose the layout number you want to have in shortcut (in the main or alt layout)

5 - Create a fluid setup between you layout without have to go through the layout menu

Animations on buttons and Faders

Click, Slide and Release animations are now available on any button and faders.

See the pressure you apply on a Fader, have a dynamic feedback of the click on your button

Note for Mac users: you should forget the ERAE Touch MIDI device in the MIDI setting menu for the new MIDI MPE USB device to be detected.


I had an issue with updating: I'd load the update file, the Touch would say "ready for update" and the Lab would say "updating." Nothing was happening. What ended up working was getting to that point, closing the Lab, re-opening the Lab, and continuing with the process. Then I was able to update just fine

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