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How do you use your erae?

Well we have the good news that development is indeed in progress, and a tentative timeframe for some new features!

That being said, I am constantly shifting gear around (selling a lot too), but have my erae hooked up as my main control surface.

I'm primarily a sound design oriented person. My interest is in film/tv/videogame industry. Sometimes I dabble in synthwave, but my joy comes from sound exploration and soundscape creation.

I'm currently doing some sound design and album work with an artist up in Canada, and the Erae is a beast for sound designing with MPE hardware/softsynths.

I have been loving working with pigments and the erae.

From time to time, I post videos on my experimental channel.

This was a nighttime recording that I did the other night to test my lighting and camera setup. Ultimately will be working with a top down shot, as it keeps my sad hairline out of shot.

and of course, just some fun jamming

All things considered, I absolutely love my Erae, and I'm excited to see where it will go. I am really hoping for bidirectional CC communication. I think it'd be badass to see the  faders/XY pad reflect the value of the synth you are working with as you change patches. That feature would add a lot of functionality for sound design, as I'd love to have multiple layouts for all of my hardware/software synths and be able to see accurate knob positions represented on the Erae.

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