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ERAE II with Drumsticks.

ERAE II's surface material looks different from ERAE Touch to my eyes.
Is ERAE II has the same durability to be played with drumstick as it was?

So I just saw an official instagram video post and it somewhat confirms that ERAE II can handle drumsticks.
But here is my another question, in the video the drumsticks have rubber tips attached for some reason, are those necessary to not damage ERAE II?

Hello Yukitaka

The video showing the Drum stick is displayed with the current prototype of the Fabric skin that will be dedicated mostly to finger techniques.

The Drum skin will come as a separate overlay (included by default in the Kickstarter offer) and will be closer to the original Silicon layer from ERAE Touch that was already well tested and receive great feedback from drummers. So it will not damage the product AND it can be replaced in case the surface will be teared after years of playing (like any electronic drum pad but with an easy system for mounting the overlay for the client)


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Thanks for the perfect answer.
The replaceable overlay skin is such a nice approach!

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