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Vesa stand recommendations?

Hi guys,

I see a lot of Erae pads on a stand using the M5 screws (100x100 vesa).
What would you recommend, needs to be stable tho ;)

Best regards,

We recommend the Roland Stand PDS-20 with the APC-33 connecting plate


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I got this one, works nicely ;-) Attach to what you like.

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Thnx you guys!

How do I remove the plugs for the screwholes without damaging anything?

These are stickers, you can peel them of ;)

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Haha great, I didn’t expect that and didn’t want to apply any force. Thanks!

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Hi Embodme I just started looking for a stand for the ERAE Touch I have on order with you.

In your photo recommendation for a stand you are showing the Roland Stand PDS-20 which comes with a plate as shown in your photo.

But above the photo you are saying:

"We recommend the Roland Stand PDS-20 with the APC-33 connecting plate."

Did you mean to say one or the other?  Depending if you have a stand or not.

The Roland Stand PDS-20 or APC-33 since they both have plates.

The APC-33 is a plate that can attached to a stand.

Your wording makes it sound like you need both.

Hey Gary,

This works just fine >>
It has both the stand and connection plate.

Best regards,

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Hey Gaetan,

Thanks for the recommendation !!!

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