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Erae Touch and iOS

I’ve just ordered an Erae Touch but I’m worried that I have not done enough research. The MPE controllers I use right now are Linnstrument and Artiphon Instrument 1 for a couple of MPE hardware synths and iPad iOS. I can’t find anything about Erae Touch working with iOS. Does anyone use this combo and able to share their experience? Many thanks.

Works nicely with an iPad ;-) 

I also have an LS and with both one can be very creative !!

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Thanks a lot @Keymanpal. Very reassuring that not only do they work together but also expand the Linnstrument’s versality.. Hopefully someone will put out a video explaining the set up.

Dear users,

You asked... We listened ;-)

This is mostly an overview so do not hesitate to ask more specific and technical questions here but you can see that's definitely a great combo!

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It’s what I’ve been waiting for…..and more. Using Loopy Pro and a variety of iOS Synths/Apps makes this the most powerful current ultra minimalist, off grid friendly combo available. I really appreciate how quickly you posted the video. Thank you.

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