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How are yall planning to use your Erae Touch?

Sooo stoked yall!  Im planning to use the erae touch as a standalone ableton controller for LIVE LOOPING BABY!  (will add a midi fighter twister if i have to, but im gonna try to not need it) Do yall watch Rachel K Collier on youtube? she does Ableton live looping with singing, sorta synth pop style. she has even been hired by ableton directly multiple times. My take would be more like hip hop trap style, with live vocals. Gonna make music videos in front of psychedelic backgrounds, and perform live at open mics to start. Super stoked! Gonna make all the custom layouts with multiple chaos pads and sliders for controlling variables. WOOT!

But yeah, what are yalls plans with it? also drop ure socials and Ill follow u! 


Oh man I am so stoked to get this thing, it's the flexibility for controls that sold me. I don't make music to be honest, I absolutely love exploring sound and "scoring" videos. Most of the stuff I post on my channel is just dinking around with sound. Originally I wanted to create tracks, but I found out that it's not my interest haha I've been hardware based for a couple of years, and would like to sell off a lot of gear and focus more on using Komplete 13 and bitwig. The Erae Touch, Oxi One, OT2, hydrasynth, and MBP seems to give me the most bang for the buck for sound exploration. I fully plan on the erae to be my main playing/designing surface, especially because most of the AU I use are MPE. The erae touch appears to be the exact controller I've been waiting for, and I'm hoping that it's the final piece of kit that will allow me to downsize without compromising my wants/needs. P.S. I subbed to your YouTube I believe.

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Well let's hope we will be getting our aera pad somewhere next week first ;)
But for me it's to break from my original setup.
To much gear for a single live set tbh.

For me the biggest surplus for the aera touch will be the evolving of the layouts over the complete setlist.
Adding a visual style for each track seems cool :)

And of course having to travel with less gear is always a surplus!

Going for an IDM style, but sometimes like to break with it and using guitars.

PS, also subbed! ;)

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Also I have those Roli Blocks as well, they aren't bad, but it's not really customizable, way to small and no way of changing the layout in a live setting.
So generally, the aera pad is gonna be all what was missing with Roli's take!

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I'm using mine with a completely dawless setup. I had a few issues initially but so far so good. I'm hoping some experts get one of these and do some tutorial videos as I think they are lacking at the moment.

Having the same feeling, but I'll do a deep dive tonight.

Unfortunately my issues have come back so I need to get those sorted first before I can start to learn it properly!

Jason Canning
Ghost notes?

That and other issues. I've posted in the support section with the problems I'm getting.

Hey Jason, 

Your unit is definitely a defective unit. Very abnormal behavior.

We are going to replace it asap. 

Don't worry.
You should receive another one in no time!



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Many thanks!

I got my Erae Touch yesterday but I am pretty sure it's broken. Some layouts are more problematic than others but a consistent problem is that any controls along the right edge glitch badly when you touch them. I videoed the worst issue, in Layout 7 I think, but there are problems in every layout. I just read about how to calibrate the device so I'll do that when I get home from work tonight and see what happens. I'm not confident that will fix it, though, it seems like a bigger problem to me.

Beyond that, I wa shoping to use my Erae touch like a more customisable, giant Lightpad Block. I use my Lightpad Block (I have four) as MIDI controllers (keyboards) but the grid layout requires too much concentration. I've already discovered that the Erae is way more playable so I'm keen to get it working properly.


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@Warren have you tried lowering the sensitivity? ERAE LAB settings. I´m having some simular problems (but glitch lines are vertical) which are mostly resolved by this.
I used to have 3/4 glitch points, now just the most left one is still conserning.

My glitches are also vertical, I was just holding the phone the other way. I'll do the calibration, then try lowering the sensitivity and see how that goes. Thanks for the tip.

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