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After fw 1.2 only 1 MIDI port, not two

Hello, it is said by @embodme that we should see two MIDI ports now for E.T. But I still see only one (as in 1.1) in Audio MIDI Setup and in Live MIDI prefs. 

Is this a problem ?

What should I do ?

MacOS Catalina 10.15.7

Live 11.1.5


Yes on Mac you have to remove the Erae touch in the Audio MIDI Setup app. Right now you should see this one with an up arrow and a down arrow


Unplug your Erae Touch and delete it. Now, if the update was successful, you should see this when you plug it back in: two arrows up and one down, which means two inputs from the Erae and one output to the Erae Touch


After that, you will see the second Erae Touch input in the Live preferences.

Let me know if it worked :D

This helped, thanks

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