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Firmware 1.2 - No longer transmitting MPE data over USB for keygrid

 After updating the firmware to 1.2, my Erae Touch no longer seems to be transmitting MIDI data over USB for the MPE keygrid element. It still transmits MPE data through its MIDI out port, and It also transmits MIDI data for individual MIDI channels; it's just MPE over USB that does not seem to work.

I am using Ableton Live 11.1.5 to manage the MIDI transmission, so perhaps the problem lies in the MIDI configuration in Ableton. Here is a screenshot of the MIDI settings page:


Thank you for any help!

Could an Embodme employee move this forum post to the "Report a problem" section please. Thank you!

I have tested the MPE transmission with both an old keygrid layout and one I made from scratch in Erae Lab 1.2. Both don't transmit MPE data.

Hey !

So now we split the Erae touch in two part, as you can see you have now Erae Touch and Erae touch port 2

The first one is for conventional midi, the second one is for the MPE part. This way ou can use them simultaneously being sure they don't use the same channels :D

So try disabling MPE for Erae Touch, and enabling the four checkboxes (so MPE too) of the Erae Touch (port2) which is the MPE part.

Then in the MIDI From list of each track you can choose the first or second one, that way it will receive only from non-MPE elements or MPE part

Tell me if that worked

For all Mac users: forget the ERAE Touch MIDI device in the MIDI setting menu for the new MIDI MPE USB device to be detected. 


I hope you can configure which USB midi port is used for MPE.

I know of quite a few hardware devices that do NOT support multiple USB midi ports, they ALWAYS use port ONE. e.g. Squarp Pyramid and Hapax !

so if you hardcoded that port ONE is non-MPE and  port TWO is MPE... thats going to be an issue.

as you wont be able to use MPE on these hardware devices.

Thank you embodme for getting back to me; enabling Port 2 did the trick!

@TheTechnobear, I'm not sure if this info will help you, but when I connected my Erae Touch to my Sequential OB-6, MPE was transmitted no problem; however, it was connected via MIDI and not USB.

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