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Max Msp

Hey embodme Team, is there still the idea to have a MaxMsp (or even PD) implementation ? I guess many users would love that, it would make your product way cooler.


Yes you can find attached an alpha version of the Patch!

It uses OSC for sending messages between the Server Patch and the Visual demo

So you have to download the CNMAT library for OSC.

All the finger stream message and encoding are made in Python inside a patcher.

Let us know if everything works well!


Hey Alex

that sounds very interesting :-)

Looks like the most important part of the patch is missing in the file you posted : 

when opening EraeAPI.Server.maxpat: 

EraeAPI.FingerVisual: EraeAPI.FingerVisual: No such object

js: can't find file EraeAPI.Sysex.js

I would love to give it a try... could you please send the missing file ?




Should be in the subfolder path of your patch and is in the ZIP file (along with other patches) named "EraeTouch"

(52.3 KB)

oups, my bad :-)

EraeAPI.Server.maxpat and VisualDemo.maxpat should probably be in the EraeTouch folder ;-)

EraeAPI.Sysex.js is great, thanks for sharing !

it says 

//It has to run as a Max Patch outside Ableton because it doesn't support sysexin and sysexout in a signle patch

But that's not true, I managed to make it work in a Max MIDI effect device ;-)

It still takes a lot of cpu to decode the sysex stream...

Do you think this JS is more efficient than a max patch ?

thanks for sharing !




Yes the JS code should definitely be more efficient and easy to run (and read) than the MAX Patch

Cool that you were able to run IN+OUT within Ableton.

Don't hesitate to share here what you did with it!

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