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Microtonal Hack using Erae Touch

In musical terms, usage of any of the microtonal systems has a very obvious benefit: to expand the possible color palette with which we composers and performers can create music; to make the music a lot more potentially interesting to listen to. The tricky thing is in how to communicate it between musicians. In particular, notating the various forms of microtonality can be a real challenge. 

Thankfully, we have crafted a way for you to use this beautiful technique and experience microtonal magic on your ERAE Touch.

Here's a how to do it:

Open Erae LAB Software (

Step 1) Disable Glissando

Step 2) Set Vibrato strength to 1

Step 3) Set Vibrato Return Speed to None

Does this mean that a new note will be triggered when the finger crosses from one key to the next? If so, does that mean there is no way to play microtonally with continuous pitch across a keyboard or grid?


I just posted a feature request to make this more straightforward - as it's a key feature of MPE that is much harder to do on the Erae Touch than other MPE controllers.

Yes we are currently working on implementing the Microtonal feature directly into the Lab for our next update. You would be able to toggle it without having to do the hack!


HY! Is the microtonal stuff included in the new firmware 1.3.0? i cant find?!

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