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What is the programming language used?

Hello, I saw this product on kickstarter. I have never used similar products before and I watched your videos and was curious. I am a game developer and I really have no idea about the software used to make music, but I wanted to ask, if you don't mind sharing, which software language do you use in your product? (If this is the wrong question for this forum, please forgive me and delete the post :) )

Love from Istanbul!

Hi Çağlar

Thank you for checking our product.

We use C++ language for most of our development, with a lot of various and custom libraries depending on the level we are working on (signal, data, firmware, ...)

And the JUCE Library for the ERAE Lab


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Thank you so much! I heard about this library for the first time, I will definitely check it out and I hope you succeed in your goals!

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