June Batch - Update

Hello guys,

We understand your concerns, because they are ours too. This is why I am writing this.

We are very transparent and we understand the struggle for ETA, because we are as impatient as you are! But it is something we are trying to control and can't unfortunately as we do not manufacture the parts. There has been many delays because our manufacturer in China is still struggling with the shortage of parts and the pandemic, it takes more than 2 weeks for them for every package they receive to decontaminate, it's pretty bad over there and all their deadlines have been delayed to their clients as well.

Let's hope they will be able to send them asap as promised. We have updated our website a while ago into a "pre-order" state, until we receive the massive batch we requested.

As for the time being, we are pleased to do any requested refund until you guys can purchase again when we are fully back in stock again in a month or two, if that reassures your position in regards to your order. We fully understand your decision to do so.

There is nothing to hide on our end, but a passion for music technology. And as always, we like keeping you inside the loop with us.

We will keep you updated. We did not forget you and your support.


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