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ERAE II as Monome Crow / I2C Interface

Hi again :) Excited to be receiving my ERAE II in September!

With the USB out (and CV outs) on the ERAE II, it would be really amazing if it could also serve as an interface for I2C devices, particularly the Monome / Whimsical Raps Crow Eurorack module which also has a USB port & CVs. There’s a vibrant community to support the interconnectivity of Monome devices (including Crow) on, and lots of ongoing, recent activity on the Bowery github that’s dedicated to Druid scripting, which is the type of scripting used for the Crow. Additionally, those who craft firmware for both the Monome devices and interconnecting ones (e.g. Os for the Expert Sleepers Disting EX) all participate fairly rapidly in their forum to provide crucial functionality and bug fixes. Thus writing something on their end which would be necessary to accommodate the ERAE II (if needed) is well within reason.

Not having to separately purchase a Monome Norns & Grid for DAWless I2C interfacing with Crow, or otherwise having to always connect the Crow to a laptop via USB to manipulate it and upload scripts, would really add tons of extra value to the ERAE II for users of Crow and other I2C-compatible Eurorack modules.

If ERAE II could send Druid scripts, send/receive (and interpret) ii.raw messages, “ii learn”, and other core bits necessary to glue the combination together meaningfully, this would really make ERAE II a powerhouse of diverse interactivity since it already has strong MIDI / MPE.

Thanks for considering!

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