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Custom Pictures on the Layout Selection screen

What the title says.
I don't remember all the numbers I use for my layouts. It would be nice if we could design our own "pixel art" for each square.
They are small, but I think it would be enough to have some nice visual cue what's the layout.
Maybe we can use less than 16 layouts so we can have more space to draw the pictures. I personally use around 6 layouts and their alts. That would allow for 2x3 Grid in the layout selection with some nice, big pictures.

On top of that I have a similar feature request and that would be drawing into our layouts, not having to use a button that does nothing to do some borders around elements and so on. They take the memory and I often reach the limit of elements per layout.
Having some pencil to draw would be nice.

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We are working on something similar to this for the next update

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