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My suggestions

Hi Embodme Team,

here are my requests for the Erae Touch:

1. Linked grids:

Ability to link piano rolls and when you transpose you transpose all linked objects.

This linking also gives the option when selecting a scale, it highlights all notes of that scale on all linked objects instead of 1.

If it is possible it would be interesting to link objects on several pages:
When you switch from page 1 to 4,
and on page 1 you selected D Harmonic Minor on the focused object connected with LINK 1.
The connected object on page 4 with LINK 1 would change to D Harmonic Minor too.

You could enable and disable link functions:
For instance you enable LINK 1 on an object and you have some things you can tag:

This would give the Erae Touch an increased playful experience!

2. MIDI port select:

Ability to change MIDI Channel on the Erae Touch.

This is another concept that would increase its portable wealth, you wouldn't need to be able to open the App to swap channels:

Currently you can hold the Bass Clef to see which channel a certain object is connected to, but I can't figure out how to change it.

Would be great to just being able to press + and - in this screen to change the MIDI Channel
And when holding + and - it changes Channel send to ALL
When tapping the CH01 zone it would go from CH01 to CG01
CG01 Channel - Group 1 => This would select a group of channels you chose in the App. (for instance Channel 1, 5 and 8)
The least you need to use/change settings in an application the more joy you get out of a controller. And more time left to make music!

3. Better piano roll customisation:

Different way the piano roll customisation reacts to enlarge it or shrink it.

Give the option to when you drag on top of the piano roll to enlarge it, it would enlarge the black keys.
And when you drag at the bottom, it would only enlarge the white keys.
Now it enlarges/shrinks the white/black keys to a certain standard.
It is a minor tweak, but it would make 3 Octave piano roll slightly more interesting.

4. Power Cycle Standby ON/OFF:
Have the option to choose if when you put the power cable in the Erae Touch to turn on or startup in stand-by mode.

I don't use the Erae Touch all the time, and I prefer to have the option to choose myself when I want to turn the Erae Touch on.
(I have a main power button, and from there I turn everything ON/OFF
Though the Erae Touch turns on completely when I flip the switch.
I prefer it to startup in Stand-by mode, like the Waldorf Kyra does for example.
Minor but very welcome tweak.

For questions regarding my requests leave a reply.

Have a nice day everyone,

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5. Auto Standby mode & Auto Off:

A setting where we could choose for an auto standby mode and an auto off.
Like 10 minutes idle for auto standby (would turn all lights off but it turns on again after one tap)
And Auto off after like 120 minutes idle, the device would turn off (you would need to hold the middle button to launch it again)

This could be a setting that can be turned on/off and time intervals can be set by users in Erae Lab in the settings menu (where we update our firmware).

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