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Better Isomorphic Grid Customization

Greetings! I recently ordered an Erae Touch and as I was waiting for it to arrive I’ve been preemptively messing with Eraelab to get some layouts ready. That being said, there are a few features that I feel, if implemented, would make the Erae touch be one of the most versatile midi controllers in my community (microtonality), as well as other communities that desire more isomorphic keyboards. As I was initially making these layouts I kept hitting the 48 object limit and 4 keyboard limit so I feel, other than trying to figure out how to work with API zone, this is would be the most easy and universally useful changes to implement.

One of the first things that I think would help, would be allowing the user to change the X step size on keygrids (beyond the standard single scale degree). I demonstrate what this would look like in the images below (EraeIso1-5) where the y step is 5 steps (4th) and the x step is increasing from 1 to 5 semitones.






Another implementation I think would be extremely helpful would be allowing Isomorphic Key grids to have a sloping/ height offset between columns. I illustrate this in the images below (EraeIso6-9) where with each picture the offset becomes 1 more than the next.imageimageimageimage

 At values of 50% of the height of the chosen key size, you get a roughly hexagonal grid feeling keyboard which is applicable to things like playing layouts like accordion and bosanquet layouts. I have a very dramatic rendition of a bosanquet layout below which would require both my first and second suggestion to work in conjunction.imageimage

I do hope you consider implementing said features as I think it would make your keyboards much more enticing to xenharmonic/microtonal/isometric keyboardists. I know many keyboardists who have been begging for these features on other controllers like the Linnstrument and Lumatone and would definitely purchase the Erae if it had these features. I understand you are likely a busy small team but even if one of these features could be implemented it would be game changing. Alternatively, you could make the max items more than 48 but I figure that might cause trouble with other things, I don't know. Thank you so much!

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I also want to suggest the ability to have more customizable color patterns, particularly in non 12 note cases. For example, a popular microtonal tuning, Bohlen Pierce, uses 13 chromatic notes per register instead of 12. Maybe adding the ability to completely asymetrically color each cell of an iso grid could be one solution, or maybe add a style and assign midi note numbers to that style (i.e. white edge rect with black fill would be style one and you put the list of midi numbers 0,13,26,39,... in the applied notes box) which would be especially useful in very dense tunings.

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+1(000) to this, being able to create isomorphic layouts like a grid-variant of the Wicki Hayden layout (whole-tones in x and fourths in y axis) would be great!

Or alternatively - allow more than 48 elements per page, then one could create such layouts key by key - more work but at least possible.

Hi all,

This is a request that a lot of users are asking and is part of our roadmap.

We just had to delay some of our development to be able to focus on the hardware but this is still definitely in our priority list.

Just to keep you posted we are trying to get funding to expand our development plan and gros the team to fill all those unanswered features requests and get the next thing out.

But it's not an easy thing to get money in the music industry...

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