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MPE behaviour with notes


I miss a certain behaviour on the Erae which I know from other MPE controllers:

Say you define a MPE keygrid with only one big note pad. On the Erae, if you hit that pad with one finger, it creates one note on the first MIDI channel above the MPE master channel. So far, so good. But if you now hit that same pad with a second finger, nothing happens. You have to lift the first finger in order to create another note on that same pad.

On other MPE controllers (I checked with Roli Lightpad and Sensel Morph), if you keep holding the finger down and hit the pad with a second finger, it creates another note on the next available MIDI channel (say the first note on ch 2 and the second one on ch 3). And of course, each of those notes has its own velocity, pressure and cc74. And if you add more fingers, you create more notes.

This is the behaviour I also wish for on the Erae.

On a related note: On the Erae, if you lift a finger and then hit the pad again, the new note uses the same MIDI channel as the one from the first finger. This is not good because it tends to cut off the release phase of the first note. Better would be if the second note would use the next available MIDI channel (round robin...)

Please consider these changes. Thanks!

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I am also waiting for this feature !

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