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hardware question

Hi, I just found out about the erae touch. Will it work standalone without a computer? 

I'm wondering if I could use one with my modular setup

Hi! I just startrd using an ERAE Touch with my modular synth using an Expert Sleepers FH-2. It works well so far and I am pretty excited.It works well standalone. I also use it with an Eagen Matrix Module via TRS in addition to having it connected to the FH-2 which also works. Just FYI: I am getting some stuck gates on the FH-2 sometimes (in MPE mode), and am not sure why that is exactly. Might be related to double triggers as noted elsewhere in the Forum, but could be something else as well. (If anyone knows please let me know!) That said, I believe this could be an ultimate customizable surface. I will soon try to map i.e some faders (1d/2d) via FH-2 to my WMD PM volume and pan inputs ... should be fun. So all in all I think it is pretty amazing as a controller for a modular!

By the way I have since conversed with the manufacturer of the FH-2 and after doing a test (i.e. routing the MIDI through a computer) it was determined that this could be a problem on the USB protocol of the ERAE Touch (or maybe the FH-2). I've sent a ticket to Embodme since os (of expert sleepers) had offered to lend them an FH-2 for debugging purposes.

Hope they take him up on it.

Updating here, in case anyone is looking for the info: Got a response from Embodme via the support ticket system, and they said that disabling MPE Split from the General Settings in the EraeLab could alleviate this. 

I tested it., and it does! No stuck gates as far as I can see for now. :) 

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