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V1.3 double notes

Let me start by saying that V1.3 solves a lot of issues for me, I love how intuitive it is to set the channel/CC values on the Erae Touch itself.

That said, from time to time there's a second note when I only press a key once, very shortly after the initial note. This happens quite often, but is unpredictable. It also happens when using midi effects like the note repeat. There it's even worse, because the second note is not in time with the others. I like running sounds played like that through a delay, but those extra off-beat notes turn it into a gigantic mess.

Can you confirm that this is not just my unit? Looking forward to a fix :)

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I've not long got mine and noticing straight away that I'm getting double drum hits on the drum pads, potentially happening on keygrid but maybe less obvious!

Posting a video is always more helpful.
To understand the behaviour.

Does it happen with keys, keygrid, drumpad, buttons?
I can try to replicate the situation.

I'm also looking to implement the erae as part of a live setup.
Maybe the double press is cause of the sensitivity.

To be clear, this is very important to me. I have some ideas for live streams, but with this issue it's just not going to work.

After  some more testing the USB midi still drops out from time to time as well, unfortunately. When I pull out the USB cable and plug it back in, it works again. For practice it's not a huge deal, but I can't have all the sequences/arpeggiators/etc. suddenly stop mid performance. I'll see if I can try the TRS midi soon too.

Huh I've been seeing similar behaviour when pressing a button.
Not sure if it's because of the latching option or not.

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