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Hey Guys i made an order on 18.11.2022 and yes it's a Christmas Gift. More than one month I heard nothing about Shipment, Delivery or any news. If I don't get any information within the next 2 weeks I will inform Paypal to get my money back and will inform all my friends and people in social Media about this case. I hope it's not a Scam Company because I really like this device.


I have also ordered for Christmas on Nov. 26, 2022 and haven’t heard anything about my shipment or any communication whatsoever for an $800 order. Their website says they ship within 5-7 days. I will report this to PayPal tomorrow if I still don’t have a response.

I must correct my topic 3 days ago... after long time hear nothing today the EREA Touch is arrived in Switzerland and I am very happy-. So sorry about last infos and wish you all the best!

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