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Anybody Home?

I'm trying to get a simple answer to my inquiry on the shipping date of my order. Multiple emails to support, a support ticket, and I am getting nothing in response.


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Waiting for one and half month since my payment. They said the first week of July but its August already!!! Pls advise!!!

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Yeah they're unbelievable. I got a refund. I just wasn't prepared to listen to anymore lies and possibly sit around twiddling my thumbs for another 2 months. They won't even take on board any constructive criticism and set up an update thread which would eliminate most of their support tickets, so what does that tell you?image


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Just sold mine on Reverb at a loss. Sorry guys, I thought I was helping, but yes this is not acceptable, and I don’t trust their products now let alone updated. Glad Frank got a refund, I was afraid to try that due to others saying how long they waited for refunds. My money is going into SOMA and Perkins devices now, quality + customer service. FWIW. Good luck.

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I ended up ordering a Dualo Exquis which should be here in Nov/Dec. Shame about the Erae, but imo they shouldn't be selling them since they've abandoned it.

Yes, it's abandoned. pretty sure they spent all their money on short clips of famous artists banging on it for 30 seconds at a time to generate hype for a non supported product lmao.

Zero announcements for V1.3 which launched last year. We are already through half of September without a hint of the promised new firmware release.

I just tell all people interested to come visit the forums and they can decide if Embodme is right for them (all them say this place is f***ked and decided against a buy).

It's a shame. The concept is cool, but there are other established companies producing more functional units at a quarter of the cost.

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I ordered mine and arrived in less than a week.  I bought it last Thursday and arrived Wednesday..

Good luck mate, I hope the devs come back to support the Erae. There was supposed to be a new firmware release last month, but never materialized or had any follow up. V1.3 is pretty stable and available, but was never announced on release, and still hasn't been.
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