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Anybody Home?

I'm trying to get a simple answer to my inquiry on the shipping date of my order. Multiple emails to support, a support ticket, and I am getting nothing in response.


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Hey, did you get an answer? And did you get your Erae Touch delivered? Just wanted to know what I might expect, ordered mine a week ago but not a single e-mail or reply as of yet..

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The zero communication from Embodme is a bit concerning. I purchased mine over a year ago and seemed to be one of the lucky ones who had very few issues and the patience to wait for firmware updates. The last update they did was v1.3. No communication on this forum about it, amd radio silence sense then. There are a bunch of feature requests for the platform but not a single acknowledgment from the Devs. I'm now worried this is becoming vaporware, as no future development has been discussed and now they are working on touchless touch screens. I'm hoping I'm wrong because this device has massive potential.

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New order placement here and the same situation. It's been days and no response on when my unit will ship.

Well, it took a few weeks but suddenly got an email from the marketing guy and also the founder same day explaining how they’re waiting for parts and said that it should be shipping in a week, which actually was shipped about 10 days later. So I got it , it’s all good, But I think what they’re doing is building it as orders come in instead of having a stock of product on hand, hence, it takes so long to ship, unfortunately. But it’s a beautiful device and I love it. The patience was worth it. just keep messaging them. It's a real skeletal crew.

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All in all, how long from your order date until it was shipped George?

I placed an order in the middle of May and haven't heard from them since. 

Exactly one month

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Hey guys,

I am not sure you received my latest email regarding this issue. 

We sincerely apologize for the shipping delays caused by our manufacturing stock latency. However we would like to inform you that we will be shipping your unit as soon as we receive new stock, which would be the first week of July, after recent updates from our manufacturers.

We are so excited to see what you will create with our controller and cannot wait to see your tags, mentions and reels blow up on our feed. We genuinely thank you for being part of our journey. 

Rock on.


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Hi everyone, New update regarding the stock situation: We finally received our batch of 250 units and the team is this week at the warehouse to control the quality of all the units Most product should ship next week and before July 14th!

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Thanks for the update, Omar.

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@Omar did this happen?
"Most product should ship next week and before July 14th!"

It’s July 15th now, i ordered on June 11th. "Most product should ship next week and before July 14th!" Any update? It’s frankly ridiculous that your website does not say anything about having to wait over a month for this product

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Yeah, they’re like that. if you scroll up to my comment, I said that I got mine 10 days after the date they promised by Email. So give it a week or so I’m confident you’ll get it. They’re just slow as hell.

It's like amateur hour here. Or else their updates are lies and they've still got no stock. I'll give my reasons for coming to those conclusions. But before I do that let me tell you that I've been waiting since the middle of May. In June I was promised it would be shipped by the end of June and here we are nearing the end of July with the first promise of shipping in the first week of July as soon as they arrived, and the second promise of shipping them as soon as they did quality control having received them on the 4th of July. 

  1. The quality control should've been done in China and the results sent to Embodme. 
  2. They have 8 staff employees so it should be all hands on deck to get the units out.
  3. 250 units divided by 8 people doing quality control, is around 31 units each that they have to check.
  4. They've had 15 full days since receiving them, even if they had only half of their workforce tasked to this that's 4 units a day to check. 
  5. They could send them out in batches of 50, but they don't. 
  6. There's no updates even though they know their deadlines that they've sent out. 
  7. I've sent them a support ticket asking them for another date, but I'm not holding my breath, the last time I sent a ticket it took them 5 days to get back to me. 
  8. I'll be looking for a refund, maybe I'll revisit this site when they've got it together, stop telling their customer lies and actually have their product(s) in stock and ready for shipping. 

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Number 4/ *half of their workforce tasked to this that's 4 units a day to check.* 

That's 4 people checking 4 units a day, so that's 16 units a day. They could've been dispatching 64 units every 4 days since the 8th of July. 

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