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HELP! new erae touch. trying to troubleshoot.

 hoping that maybe someone has encountered something similar, but i'm just stuck right now.

i'm trying to use the touch with Kyma, but i must be missing something.

I can load a 'sound' in kyma that takes keyboard input, and if i have a layout from the touch selected, it works great. As soon as I choose another layout (even if i just choose the same one), that is the end of it. Kyma no longer seems to be getting note on/off messages, and is not making sound.

As soon as I reboot kyma, all is fine again.

i have my midi monitor up, and it shows that before and after, the touch is sending midi notes. I try choosing a layout, and the simple selection of a layout doesn't seem to be sending out midi.

So - i'm missing something. the fact that choosing a layout seems to shut off note transmission only to the kyma, suggests that the touch is sending some kind of command when you select a new layout. but what can it be?

totally suspecting user error (hah - almost wrote 'loser error'), but right now i've been trying this for some time and i just keep on replicating the results. the touch MUST be sending something, because if selecting the same layout doesn't change anything, how could kyma somehow react to it?

thanks. oh, i did install the new 1.2.5 immediately. don't know if that is relevant.

don't seem to be able to edit the above. i'm lost. it looks like a bunch of things were/are going on - i was routing the midi through ableton live, and there is an mpe setting on the midi output. ok. missed that. but i still can't get it to work. found some post on a kyma forum about connecting directly to the kyma hardware - well, i couldn't get that to work ( apparently there are settings in erae lab that can help, but mpe and the erae are new to me. i've spent hours at this tonight, and i'm spent). and in addition, connecting directly to the kyma hardware won't work for me unless i want to trip over the cable. damn.

Way late for any reply but did you try "listening on omni*" (all channels at once). Thing is layouts can be set way differently one from another.

At least this was one issue for me when i could not figure out why is nothing happening if i switch layout. 

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