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Embodme wont respond to my return request

I hate this bad customer service. Do NOT buy from embodme!

My suggestion would be to try being less impatient.  They've responded to both of my tickets since shipping and got us a patch to try within a couple of days.  I'd say that's fine customer service.

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Dear Sam,

Your request was very well taken into account, as we have mentioned on all our forum posts as well as emails. We usually respond to urgent requests immediately. However we have been working the past few days immensely on a new patch to solve the glitch issue, so we might have not been at lightning speed, and we apologise. There is also no need to spam all of our social media platforms with comments, and posts about our "fraudery", as this incessantly damages our reputation, especially since customer loyalty is our number one value.

Regardless, as per usual standard, your refund will only be processed when the unit is picked up from your address. I'm afraid these measures are essential for any company, to protecting client and company rights from any form of fraud.

Thank you.


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