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I Can't Use Erae Lab While Studio One is Running

This is a real issue because when I am customising a layout I can't test what I'm doing. If I have Erae Lab running when I start Studio One or any of my standalone synths, then they can't see my Erae Touch. If I start Erae Lab while I have Studio One or a standalone synth open, Erae Lab can't see the device. Surely this isn't intentional?


If you are working on MacOs this should not be an issue.

If you are working on Windows you cannot have multiple software handling the same  MIDI port

There are some software that allow to create a virtual port to allow this.

You can try this one:

Let us know how that works

So how does Roli manage it? I can have Dashboard open while I use my Lightpad and Seaboard. And why does Erae Touch need any MIDI input/output?

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