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Support is not responding to my request for a refund

Hi there, I purchased an Erae Touch that has not been shipped and I am looking to get a refund - sent an email to support and created a ticket but have not received an answer.    Wondering if there is another way to go about this?   

My emails to support are also going unanswered. I'm having issue with ghost notes and triggered notes. I got one reply months ago, and nothing since May. I'm so disappointed on a personal level, and international since this is a French company, whose lack of communication with it's early adopters is going to reflect poorly once again.

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I'm very active on popular forums and will raise awareness to this lack of overall support.

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Hey Guillaume I dont have it memorized but somewhere in the embodme website it talks about 3 types of calibration, Im thinking that will solve your issue. It did mention that changes of humidity which warrant recalibration. So maybe even at a live gig you would want to calibrate or Tune the sensitivity.

its on this page, near the bottom. in the calibration section.

Hi, thank you for reaching out Sam King, I appreciated it. Yes unfortunately, I've tried everything there mentioned. I think the problem is hardware based. It's quite obvious. The unit didn't ever travel and stays on my flat desk. Though I've tried different spots on my table to see if it would level differently. My issues are also beyond ghost notes. For example, if I press the treble key, the note next to it plays. I get a clickety noise on parts of the Erae and not others. I get hung notes all the time. There's the whole spotty sensitivity referred elsewhere that at times make it frustrating to use (with all the other issues mentioned). I'm frustrated because this is a product under warranty, but I'm not getting a concrete response from Embodme about getting a replacement unit or a refund if needs be. I'm at a loss about this unusual experience.

Hello Guillaume,

We published a firmware update a month ago that should solve most Pressure consistency and Ghost Note problems.

You can download it here:

Regarding your emails, the last communication we have from you is from April and have not heard back from you since.

Let us know your feedback after the firmware update 1.2

If the issue is still not solved we are happy to provide a replacement unit when we will receive our next batch.

Hello thank you for your reply, I really appreciate. You must not be receiving my emails. Here is the screenshot attached. To summarize, I've gone through the updates, to no avail. I've tried moving it at different areas of the desk. I've tried the new different settings. It's just unusable. Last night it was very erratic, I couldn't even select a key... What is the process then to go about a replacement?


It looks like it went through our spam box.

Sorry for this.

We need to replace your unit indeed.

We are still waiting for our batch of 600 unit to be delivered.

It was delayed again of a few weeks but we should receive it in July and be able to replace your unit.

Could you send a new message to our Ticket system (link at the top of this page)  or directly to with your purchase order number, your full address with phone number, and a link to this thread.


Done. I sent the email. Thank you very much. G
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