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When will June batch ship?

Ordered 6months ago.

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When will June batch ship
They are ignoring my emails and dms
To be fair they just did 2 tradeshows. What kind of music are you gonna make with yours?

I emailed them and raised a support ticked a over a week ago with a simple question about ordering to the UK- nothing back and I wanted to place an order! 

Auwtch, ordered in May with an estimate for June.
Hope they ment June 2022 XD

Hey guys, I know you are all so stressed and impatient for the shipping dates but NOT AS MUCH AS US.

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We have been scolding our manufacturers to deliver on time but unfortunately there is a large shortage in parts. However they promised to deliver by the next coming weeks. Fingers crossed!

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The component shortage really is a bummer :)
Hopefully we will start thinking of manufacturing components more locally in the coming decades!
Thnx for the feedback! Fingers crossed :D

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