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When will June batch ship?

Ordered 6months ago.

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When will June batch ship
They are ignoring my emails and dms
To be fair they just did 2 tradeshows. What kind of music are you gonna make with yours?

I emailed them and raised a support ticked a over a week ago with a simple question about ordering to the UK- nothing back and I wanted to place an order! 

Auwtch, ordered in May with an estimate for June.
Hope they ment June 2022 XD

Hey guys, I know you are all so stressed and impatient for the shipping dates but NOT AS MUCH AS US.

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We have been scolding our manufacturers to deliver on time but unfortunately there is a large shortage in parts. However they promised to deliver by the next coming weeks. Fingers crossed!

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The component shortage really is a bummer :)
Hopefully we will start thinking of manufacturing components more locally in the coming decades!
Thnx for the feedback! Fingers crossed :D

Ive been waiting for over 6 months. This seems like it is worth the wait. But it is scary when I see people post that you dont respond, when they are for a refund. Even if you can not control your manufacturing, surely you can control professional communication? Im not trying to be rude right now, but truthful, and logical.

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Hello Sam,

We have never had any case where we did not issue a refund immediately after the customer proposed it. We do it without any further questions asked, and it is evident from all of the refunds we have done after the ETA issue with our manufacturers. We are very transparent and we understand the struggle for ETA, but it is something we are trying to control but can't unfortunately as we do not manufacture the parts. There has been many delays because china is still struggling with the pandemic, and all their deadlines have been delayed to their clients as well. 

We are pleased to do any requested refund and then you guys can purchase again until we are back in stock, if that makes you more comfortable.

There is nothing to hide on our end, but a passion for music technology.


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Glad to hear this.

I concur that the market for parts (as product engineer) is really bad for the moments, and chipset shortage is a real problem. Like getting a new car or even a PS5 has become impossible unless you pay big bucks.

But is there in any way a possibility to know where in line/queue waiting costumers are?

Best regards,

I would like to know about the queue too. That will inform if I actually do want to request a refund. I want this in the next month or so to prepare for a tour. If I can't get it before then, I'll need to request a refund.

Any updates on the parts shortage? Have you received the parts needed to make these?

I ordered a week ago, and checked in with embodme regarding the August shipping, and they said they are hopeful about hitting the goal. Sounds to me that there is no confirmation on anything and everyone is in the same boat on the river of hope.
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