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version 1.2

1.2 It’s out!!!

Already downloaded, installed all good.

Thanks @embodme for improvements (some of them I made the suggestion ;-)

p.s. =spoiler alert = there are some new default layouts... yeahhh!

It worked this time!

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The update is failing for me; Erae Lab crashes every time. Not sure what I should do now that my Erae Touch is stuck with the LED message “READY FOR UPDATE”

Nevermind. It looks like the sysex file did not download correctly and had a size of 0 kB. Redownloading now.


Glad to see this update!
First impressions:
- firmware upgrade: no problem
- global higher range pressure sensitivity: nice (must test ...) 
- bank save: good ;-)
- push/pull sometimes erases the existing preset instead of loading it, it happend several times
- most of my previous layouts or only some objects in them, or only edited ones don't send anymore MIDI datas! I must investigate to find if there is something in common but actually it make my ET totally unusable. Any idea?
- no Polyphonic Aftertouch messages yet?

Hi Jean Marc,

Thank you for your feedback !

First of all, can you tell me what operating system you are on?

Concerning the push / pull thing be sure to disable the preview mode before pulling a layout from the Erae Touch, otherwise it will keep the layout that you have on the lab. What do you mean about existing preset ? Do you mean the tune / style tab configuration of an element ? 

You can send me your layouts ( so I can check what's wrong, with a little description of what they should be :D

Concerning polyphonic aftertouch, we're considering that for the next update, meanwhile, you still have independent pressure control in MPE

I hope that you will be able to add Poly Aftertouch in the next update, it is a very different use from MPE and some instruments need it.

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