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Erae Touch and Studio One 6.5

I have Erae Touch working (mostly) in Studio One 6.5.1. It should be noted that there is one issue that remains unresolved (very likely from the Studio One side of the problem.)

I am on a PC.

One must configure the Erae Touch to "Receive from" both on "Erae Touch" and "MIDIIN2 (Erae Touch) in Studio One's External Device window. One or the other alone will not suffice. It does not seem necessary to configure the Erae Touch for "Send to." 

The caveats are two: 

1) Studio One is only 4/5 compliant with the MPE protocol as "Lift" is ignored in all cases. For whatever reason, Presonus has elected to ignore this dimension of MPE and has not always exactly been entirely upfront about this in their advertising.

2) As of right now, patches with a longer release envelope segment will revert back to the original pitch struck. As an example (read this chronologically, if you will) you play (for this example, think single notes, not chords or intervals): "(Strike) C (Strike) G (Lift)", expecting to hear: "C, G...", but what you hear is "C, G, C..." as Studio One attempts to return your performance to the original note struck. 

Oddly, this same behavior was actually fixed for the Roli keyboards after many months. Hopefully, this bug is addressed fully and across all manufacturers at some point. Until then, keep your release envelopes segments short or work in another DAW.       

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Errata: the section above that reads:


"(Strike) C (Strike) G (Lift)", expecting to hear: "


should actually read "(Strike) C (Glide to) G (Lift)", expecting to hear: "

Thank you.

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