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How to save ARP settings with layout ? possible?

I'm new to ERAE and I'm trying to figure out how to save the ERAE BPM settings, along with the ARP settings, into the layout being used.  Each layout for me is a song, and I would like to call up a ready-to-use layout without having to redo all the ARP settings.  Is that possible?  Thanks in advance

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Hello Omar

The ARP and HARD FX menu in general cannot be saved from the Lab for now and it reset when powering the unit.

It is more a feature thought of as a jamming tool because of the limitation of our memory and software architecture.

But as long as you keep your unit running each layout has a specific menu setting and those settings apply to all the element of that specific layout; So each layout can be a different track or song while you jam.

We are aware of those limitation if you want to be completely standalone but this need further development on our side.

Depending on your setup for your live set if you use a DAW it might be more interesting to use the internal arpeggiator of your Daw or synth engine.

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