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Still no info

Hey embodeme, can you please tell me when my unit will arrive? i’m bit stressed because I’ve paid almost thousand euro almost two weeks ago and no information.
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@Jan Rys please post an update if you hear anything. It seems there are a few more of us at least out there in the same state. I did notice that someone updated the purchase site to state that units would be shipping in May (it said Shipping in April when I purchased) I am hopeful that is a good sign of progress.. and HOPING that it is NOT a server side script set to automatically increment the month by 1 at the end of the previous...

I just ordered mine, but these post are making me a bit anxious. Has anyone had their units ship out in the last month?

Hey there KJTL, I think that they were hit by the ubiquitous  supply chain problems that have been impacting so much of the tech industry. I can happily report that since this thread I have in fact received mine. It took way longer than I expected, however, i am extremely glad that that they are working through it all. Having it in hands now, I can say that only seeing it online doesn't do it justice. I can also confirm it has arrived in working order, no signs of poor build etc. indicative of a rushed production process.

I have used iPad Pros for a long time as touch interfaces for alternative instrument controller styles,  but this is the first one that gives the same visceral touch without needing to have the giant creativity and fun crusher called "worry" constantly in mind in regards to the device breaking. It's designed to be played, not just gently touched like the iPad. That worry sucks; I know if I were to have to worry in the same way about my sax or other instruments breaking when simply trying to play them,  it would all but kill what  I love about music.

That is just my long way of saying hold in there, it is worth the wait in my opinion. :)

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Regardless of supply chain issues it is always best to communicate with your customers. The lack of that is concerning. Anyone know how to cancel an order?

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I just got an update saying that they are shipping at the end of this month. 


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