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Hello, i'm trying to follow the process shown here:

with Pigments inside FL Studio.

When i try to play notes on the new layout, nothing happens.

- loaded new layout onto Area fine

- set Pigments to use the ET Pigments Explorer  as Midi Config file

- Arae connected and plays notes elsewhere (with default layouts), ie. Midi working between Arae and DAW

- sequencer (Alt) in new layout works fine

- other Midi devices work fine w/ Pigments (Pigments Midi channel set to All)

Any suggestions whats wrong?  Thanks in advance!  great product!

I have hit the same problem  that you have, though in my case I am using Cubase Pro 12. I noticed that some things like it better running when using them as a VST vs standalone, but but with pigments 4 neither has worked yet for me. It almost look like the CC messages simply are not going anywhere when using the provided layout.

Question, are you routing MIDI over USB like I am? I'm doing two things next: 1. placing a MIDI sniffer in-line to capture ALL traffic so I can see what is or is not actually going on, and 2. I am going to try using the hardware MIDI on the device rather than MIDI over USB to see if it makes any difference.

I will report back my findings; likewise if you ended up solving this, please let me know what you did!

hey there, thanks for the reply!  I'm just using basic midi over USB to a PC.

Let me know what you figure out; esp. if doing hardware MIDI makes a difference.

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