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Erea Touch for Extreme beginner

Good day guys,

I recently purchased the Erea Touch, but I am seriously struggling with the setup.

I am a complete novice with regards to midi controllers, I have never owned one, let alone any Music instrument apart from a DJ controller.

I went through all the video's and manuals but it does not explain me the REAL basics which I am after. I did download FL studio and managed to get a few sounds out of the Erae touch, but it's far from how I see people on youtube having their controller configured. I am not a musician (well not yet) so anyone who could help me explain in childs language what to do from start to finish for a extreme basic setup and what software to use I'd be very greatfull for.

Kind regards,


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I just went through this, and am also a newb.   Here's what I have figured out:

1) first, just get it working like a regular keyboard.  Any standard "Midi in FL Studio" YT tutorial will work.

next, you want to use those fancy sliders and features and stuff; this has two parts:

2) mapping sliders to parameters inside FL Studio like normal midi controler.  You might map a vertical slider to a volume control in FL for example.  May tutorals on this

3)  For the fancy stuff, FL Studio does not support MPE natively, so you wont get those cool after-touch and slides and using most of the software synths.  You will need a synth plugin like Pigments (google around for free ones) to utilize those features.

Hope this helps!

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