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How are yall planning to use your Erae Touch?

Sooo stoked yall!  Im planning to use the erae touch as a standalone ableton controller for LIVE LOOPING BABY!  (will add a midi fighter twister if i have to, but im gonna try to not need it) Do yall watch Rachel K Collier on youtube? she does Ableton live looping with singing, sorta synth pop style. she has even been hired by ableton directly multiple times. My take would be more like hip hop trap style, with live vocals. Gonna make music videos in front of psychedelic backgrounds, and perform live at open mics to start. Super stoked! Gonna make all the custom layouts with multiple chaos pads and sliders for controlling variables. WOOT!

But yeah, what are yalls plans with it? also drop ure socials and Ill follow u! 


Anyone get midi mapping on ableton working? i installed the scripts and the livepad works but cant seem to get any custom sliders mapped. please dm me @patchesflows on insta! i already posted in report a problem, but maybe one of yall will hmu faster. bless

nevermind, the ghost notes on the right side are very bad, even with calibration, sensitivity adjustment, and manual ghost note removal. i have requested a refund

@sam king

There is a topic about this and they are working on a software based solution.

This will be one of many applications.


Wait 9 months, then it arrives broken, now they wont respond to my return request. This company is the worst

What did you expect? It's a brand new product from a brand new, tiny company. As an early adopter you need ot be a little bit patient.

I expected professionalism. I guess thats not the kind of person you are. But i wont going forward.

If you want to map midi in ableton for a 2D fader

  1. Hold the F-clef key (top physical button) and press which fader you want to map to ableton.
  2. This opens the "Mapping gestures" (search this in the manual HERE)
  3. Now in ableton go to mapping mode and press/hold Z X or Y
  4. It's that simple ;)

The glitch problems are fixed for me as well since the update, but still need to test drive it the extremes tho.

So Sam, just try this first before you rage quit on us :)
Still your decision tho.

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Find the update HERE.

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Or here of course ;)


I am definitely digging the erae! 

Need to mess with erae lab a bit more to see if I can get the XY pad/faders to smooth out their response. Currently the movement is a bit to jittery for my taste, but they work great if I use it as a fingertip "snapshot" on the pad. 

So far it works great with bitwig and my vsts. Here is a little thing I recorded yesterday while noodling with some layouts.

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As these topics here have the most interaction.
Does anyone know how to set up midi feedback on a button?
My topic here

So I tried like almost everything.
When I activate a track (in ableton) the button shows the state, but if I press it on the erae pad it glows just when touching and then shows deactivated state.
Can't wrap my head around what I'm doing wrong.
Can't find a single video in which this does work.
It states in the manual tho.

Anyone who gets this to work cause it's annoying to say the least!


Hey Guys,
I've been making a template (ableton live11) for the Erae.
You can see it in action here >> Erae Live looper Guitar
Better recording of my song >> Mangrove_1985 - Higher Grounds

If anyone is interested in the template, let me know.

Best regards,

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