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When will June batch ship?

Ordered 6months ago.

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Letsss goooo. Dude, despite the issues Im gonna go SOOO hard on this (and i dont mean hitting it hard lol)  And im hellla gonna rep embodme and tell everyone to buy it so they can get more sales and i can get continued support. and then in 2030 i will switch to all VR controllers LOL, so embody get on that too lol!

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@Dan, we are not lying to you. Why on earth would we not share any information that we know about to our loyal customers who purchased and supported our product. We have been very transparent with the process since the beginning, so when we say "we do not know", it is because we actually do not. The reason for this ambiguity is because our manufacturers in China keep postponing the supply chain process because they were not able to finalize it due to a myriad of factors that I mentioned in my previous post. This is all we got from them. Covid wasn't easy for them, neither was Russia, neither was the supply of parts. 

We have given the option to refund for absolutely no excuses asked, for this very reason. But those of you who have decided to stay in for the ride, there is really nothing else hidden besides what we already have mentioned so many times. I wish we knew when we were recieving them, we keep getting false dates too, but we can't control what has been happening on in the world.

Good news though, we just received notice from customs that they just arrived to France, which is where our main offices are. So we are now preparing the packaging to get shipped in the next 2 weeks. Hopefully you all will recieve it by the first week of September.

We can't wait for all of you to try it!

We have been so impatient for you guys to receive it! Remember if you have any urgent concerns message me directly at, and I will be always ready to assist you immediately!

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Aha very very good news!
Just saw the latest insta story :D

Any chance you can pass along the info from the post? I don't have social media, so I miss these I fo dumps haha

PIcture with "back in stock" and some aera pads in cardboard boxes.
So i believe they started the assembly again!

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Awww yeah! Thanks for the good news, mate!
Amazing news

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Hi everyone!

Yes that's the great news of the week, our backlog of 200 units starts shipping today!!

We are finally seeing the end of the tunnel and are already working on improving our production process. 

Our goal and next step is to be completely independent from outsourced manufacturers even for the PCB.

This is another challenge but will give us complete control over our production line.

All this is possible thanks to your trust and patience, and if any of you have experience in industrialisation and scaling we are open to discuss this!

We cannot wait to see your future creations and to get your feedback on the playing experience!

We are also working on the next firmware update for usual bug fixes and new cool UI/UX improvements

We will keep you posted on that.

All the Best from the Embodme Team!

(2.4 MB)

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Yoooo! Got my shipping notification from DHL. Erae should be in hand next Tuesday!

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Got mine realy by surprise today.
I guess i'm just lucky to live near Paris ;)

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Munich - also suprise today.

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Mine made it to Australia yesterday, after I had to pay an extra $240 in import fees.

Got it today! 9 months!!! Wowow. Stoked to test it tomorrow after work

Hah Sam King!
Cheers mate! :D

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