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When will June batch ship?

Ordered 6months ago.

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Bro they've been "hopefully" leading me in since december
Yeah, that's what's I've gathered. I've been struggling with other companies as well due to the lack of supplies. I don't have the same level of time investment in this product that you do, I just see the need for this device in my setup and am expecting a significant delay from this company from this point forward.

Hey guys,

Thanks for keeping this forum alive. We currently have word from our suppliers, and we should receive the first batch of 100-200 out of our original large order (we asked to split them up in small batches) in the next couple of weeks hopefully. We can't wait to send you everything. We're so excited. 

Thanks for your Patience.



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Any idea on the queue length? I preordered from the website and am unsure of fulfillment priorities. Thanks!
Only 100-200? What? I ordered 3 months ago when will I get mine. Honestly please. Not 'hopefully'

It's somewhat concerning to me that you're still running Facebook ad campaigns for a product that you

are having a hard time delivering. It makes one wonder if your company isn't experiencing some type of cash crunch

 You also used the term "hopefully". So this leads me to believe that you have no product & no parts after pushing back your June ship date to June-July and now August.

Your product looks impressive, and is truly one of a kind in it's class, most people are willing to overlook

your delays based on what they've seen so far, but this is only going to take you so far.

At this stage you should be posting updates every few days. So I guess today's update would be..

We don't have the stuff we need. Hopefully our supplier will come through for us in the coming weeks. (which is what you said last time you decloaked.)

Seriously. time to find a new supplier(s). Perhaps you can look to France, North America or the UK or EU And perhaps not charge people's cards until your product actually ships.  

And for please, make sure Sam King is one of the first to get his.


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I concur with Jon K,

Probably it's financially a big fiasco right now, not being able to deliver products and expenses keep coming.

But I would also be a lot more comfortable if I was billed for a product once it was shipped.

Pending in an endless que with scarce information scares the hell out of my wallet tbh. So posting some pictures of the "not fully assembled" aera pads and a "new" delivery estimate for later orders will put peoples trust back into this. Best regards, G

Any day now..

There was an update on the unofficial forum that provided more info.

It's somewhat concerning to us too that most of our communication has been transparent since the beginning of our kickstarter campaign, which is that we are still under the "early launch phase" of which that we have product scarcity and supply chain issues. These things are usually very common with every company that is starting very new to developing a product that is very delicately engineered and hi-tech. 

We are not simply ordering a few chunks of plastic from our chinese suppliers, our product takes time to develop and we are trying our best to speed up the process as much as we can, but we cannot do anything besides that. We will not sacrifice the quality of our components to deliver more quickly, we offered many times the possibility for a refund, in case of financial scarcity. If you are very affected by that, we have given you the option to do that by reaching out to us. We have refunded more than 25 orders without any questioning. We have been very clear about that.

We are neither decloaking, nor lying, we are 10 people working day and night on developing our product line and we already sent out several emails, and updates on all the forums. 

The problem with our parts supplier is being resolved but it is not up to us as we can only share the information that we are given. Product scarcity, extreme sanitary measures and supply chain issues are not something we can control ourselves neither do our suppliers, even if they share everything transparently to us. We also cannot simply find suppliers easily for the electronic components that we need as you simply stated. It is way more complicated than that, as this is not a dropshipping plastic product. This is very delicate machinery and assembly.

As we said many times, the units will be arriving within the span of these 2-4 weeks. We do not have control or news more than that. I really wish we did! This is as transparent as we can get.

For any problem to be resolved immediately, send an email to, and I have been responding to all the emails in 12 hours max.



Creative Marketing Director

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Thank you for the update, Omar. I'm new to the erae preorder list, but have been working with a company that's close to 3 years behind on production due to covid, so no sweat on my end. Thanks for the update and tentative timeline. I'm hoping the batch you receive has enough components to get the erae in my hand on the next shipments. If not, I'll keep waiting haha

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Is it going to be pushed back again? Any update from the manufacturer? Any luck finding new manufacturers?

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Hi Omar, I'm pretty stunned at the tone of your response. I have no idea of any kickstarter...I saw ur product advertised on Instagram and I bought it. 4 months ago. You advertised the product as a preorder in a month and selling it as such.. I get that this is a small team. I get the covid stuff. Just don't promise what you can't deliver. You have personally lied to me several times in these 4 months, just say 'we don't know' not in 4weeks or next month. Because it's been 4 months now and I still don't have it. Just be honest about when we will get it. You should in the future only take a deposit from people. Not the full amount.. I'm really not trying to be rude here either. I understand this must be stressing yiu guys too, just it's the false promises that cause people to get angry.. You honestly should not have that tone with paying customers.

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A small glimmer of hope ;)
Website now "Delivery scheduled in 2-3 weeks"
Fingers crossed you guys!

Can't wait to try this baby out  ;)

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Ayyy let's go! That is a nice thing to see, and I can't wait!
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