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Control dependency

Add options for more user configured controls on layouts as follows - change midi channel - press/slide to switch cc’s assigned to specific controls within the layout, effectively creating layouts within a layout - hyperlink - jump to other layout - labels - layers - eg toggle drumpad visible/hidden This massively increases the immediacy and versatility of layouts.

Hi Mark,

You can already use a Program Change to Jump between layouts.

The last version of the ERAE LAB already have templates to allow this!

The ERAE can store up to 32 Layout with the Main/Alt function so you should be able to switch between various scene, even if they are replicates of the same version with an extra button on some of them.

This is also why we decided to add the Control Bar in ERAE II to be able to quickly jump between layouts.

PG Button.png
(65.6 KB)

That's great, thanks :)

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