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Two way CC communication

I would love 2 way CC communication between devices. I am in the process of creating layouts for my Dreadbox Typhon. I absolutely love using the Erae faders for CC assignments. It's great while designing patches as I can play and adjust parameters simultaneously on the same surface. Unfortunately, as soon as I change patches, the faders on the erae are functionally useless. Any chance we can get 2-way midi CC communication? That way, the assignments made on the erae can accurately represent the values saved on the patch, and the faders would visually adjust as you cycle through saved patches. Would look pretty great for presentation videos as well.

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Wanted to update.

After a few days of messing around, I have everything working with Bitwig using a midi merger of the Erae midi and the Roland SH-4D midi streams. Each channel requires a send and return midi track.

My Bitwig template is saved and ready to go. Now I will be working on getting a Roland SH-4D sound designing template for the Erae.

if anyone is interested in what I needed to accomplish this, let me know and I'll share the process.

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That video link gave me a 404. I am also a Bitwig/Logic pro user. Ableton is the only DAW other than reaper that I hated as soon as I opened the application lol.

I will have to see if any of my VSTs will support bidirectional CC communication, as it stands I haven't gotten that to work either.

I'll dig around in my hardware synth settings. My "easiest" synth still has 92 CC values to map for full control and I was hoping do create some videos using the erae as the synth interface and show some sound design.

I will see if there is something similar to midi remote for bitwig today. 

Thank you!


The Erae Touch is bi-directional with every element;

You can try to activate MIDI Remote for instance in Ableton and you'll see the unit will react to your DAW like here:

You'll have to dig in your Dreadbox user manual but usually most hardware synth do not send the Cc value out unfortunately...

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