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Sensitivity per layout

I would like to request that the sensitivity setting save per layout. It would be nice to have layouts that I intend to hit with sticks have a different sensitivity setting than layouts that intend to play with my fingers. 

I love this tool. I'm new to the group, but I hope that we can build a community that helps to push Erae forward in even more useful ways. 

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I'm bumping this in response to the email I received this morning concerning feature requests and feedback as it pertains to Erae II and Erae Touch development. Per Layout sensitivity settings is a great quality of life feature that I would love to have. 

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Hi Jason,

Thanks we've been considering this for a while and even a full curved response per element.

It will be easier to implement for ERAE II but Erae Touch should benefit from it as well

The sensitivity  response will be different so will probably need some fine tuning for each device.

We will send a more comprehensive survey in the coming month for all new feature requests!

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Thanks for this encouraging answer.
Sensitivity response per element is what I am waiting (and have asked) for Erae Touch to give it a second chance for me to compensate for its important univeness.

Spending time for fine tuning is OK if the result alows to make it more playable...

So please, if you do it for Erae II don't forget the one that needs it more !

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