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Button latch improvement

Is there a way to make the Button element send a trigger when you unlatch it?

I want to use them to enable and disable tracks on my Synthstrom Deluge but stay lit when active and unlit when inactive.

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I just got my erea last week. Will this button (latch) work with notes? I have a sampler I would like to engage and latch.

Hi Omar,

Ok, the only problem is that my Deluge doesn't use CC messages, I have to use the learn function, so I guess this won't work for me. I can still use notes to do tis but obviously on the pad it does not show whether a note is on or off. Hopefully a future update and do something for me.

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Hey Jason!

Thanks for posting on here. You can actually do that! However you are only capable of doing that when a Button is lacthed as a Control Change or Program Change and not as a Note. Therefore you can program your track as a CC, and have it trigger when you unlatch it, by changing it in state B.

Here is a screenshot:


Control Change A is basically when the button is in the first state (ON) , and Control Change B is when it is in the second state (OFF).

Let me know if this helps



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