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Button latch improvement

Is there a way to make the Button element send a trigger when you unlatch it?

I want to use them to enable and disable tracks on my Synthstrom Deluge but stay lit when active and unlit when inactive.

Hey Jason!

Thanks for posting on here. You can actually do that! However you are only capable of doing that when a Button is lacthed as a Control Change or Program Change and not as a Note. Therefore you can program your track as a CC, and have it trigger when you unlatch it, by changing it in state B.

Here is a screenshot:


Control Change A is basically when the button is in the first state (ON) , and Control Change B is when it is in the second state (OFF).

Let me know if this helps



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Hi Omar,

Ok, the only problem is that my Deluge doesn't use CC messages, I have to use the learn function, so I guess this won't work for me. I can still use notes to do tis but obviously on the pad it does not show whether a note is on or off. Hopefully a future update and do something for me.

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I just got my erea last week. Will this button (latch) work with notes? I have a sampler I would like to engage and latch.
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