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ERAE II touch layer suggestions

Hello again :)

I’m so happy that you’re making the new ERAE II with the capacity for a switchable touch layer!

I had a couple things which may be worth your consideration, given that this element of the device seems to still be in development:

  • Make the touch layer hot-swappable. Instead of having to unscrew the bottom of the device to release the touch layer for replacement, there should be a quick, semi-silent ‘release’ that’ll let someone swap the top layer unobtrusively and predictably, even during a performance. This would be a particularly dramatic performance flare as well for a synthesist who also happens to be a drummer and would need access to both types of touch medium in a single song (for example).
  • Consider providing ultra-high-visibility touch layers like a high-contrast non-glossy fully-transparent material, or even those types of materials which are suited for rear-projection. Examples:
High Def Rear Projection Screen material (few different gradations of B&W)
  • Allow for one of the replaceable layers on offer to have “bumpers” along the edge that would consist of a thicker, harder silicone core in those areas which would provide a durable rim for drummers to assign as a different trigger location from the rest of the touch layer. Since light wouldn’t really pass through this bumper portion very well, it might need to be surrounded by a halo of the lights in software to indicate the different playable area.

I hope these suggestions meet you well, and applaud you for such an innovative machine!

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Thank you for the suggestions! They are taken very into heart, and are forwarded to our small engineering team.

Thanks a lot! Happy creating!

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