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Erealab Feature Requests

 i have a couple of feature request for the already good Erealab but there are a couple of annyoing little things

1) as soon as i close the project, my colors are gone, please store the color palette in the profile
2) make the option to define global colors, once you change the color, it wil automatically change on all your layouts in the same project

3) default directory. please allow the option to choose a default directory where EreaLab goes by default when you want to open a file,
4) add a 3rd midi port to the software only for erealab, so that when you are working in EreaLab your standard midi port is not getting locked

5) allow to use more than 4 keyboard/keypad grids per Layout

6) also make buttons and single notes "MPE" compatible. if i have a layout with an MPE Grid, and i want to place a button,  that triggers a function in the plugin, i cant because the button outputs on a different midi port than on the mpe port,

many thanks for taking these into consideration

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