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keypads classic mode option behavior

with a hardware keyboard, if glissing from one key to it's neighbourg key, a new MIDI note is outputed, ,,, as standard Piano glissandis.

i would like to have possibility, with all keyboards / keypad, ot this behaviour IF not horizontal X / vertical Y control is on, an option showing : "classic grab key" :

if the finger comes from outside of this key, it sends a note ( velocity will be captured from the 1st tap outside )

this should permit standard keyboard glissandis.

Why ?

i am programming a reproduction of diatonic chromatic harp ( with pedals )

and diatonic strings... 

Of course : harp has not pitch bend neither vibrato, neither pression, it's strings.

so they have to be off.

so, if a pattern grabs fingers gliss from outside to send MIDI note, this will make possible harp little glissandis.

( well : this can be done on a classic external MIDI keyboard, but it could bring more versatility to the Erae Touch, wich, i guess, is intended to become some real universal MIDI controller !  )

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