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have real linear Pitch Bend

after bought my erae touch, i was waiting to have a second Sensel Morph and be able to play with MPE pitch bend like this :

... but Erae Touch always segment and stops pitch bend for EACH note, that i did never guessed, so that linear playing like with Onde Martenot, is today NOT possible with Erae Touch ?

Maybe should it be good to have a linear slider horizontally below to play with PitchBend, below a keyboard like onde Martenot  ( 14 bit full 8192 steps )

Then, it should be absolutly NEW  :

a 2D pad controller , with

X axis sends 14bit pitchBend on MIDI CHANNEL a

Y axis sends 14bit pitchBend on MIDI CHANNEL b

or, maybe, 

16 faders sending each 14bit PitchBend with their channels.
This could, with MIDI Learn and some VST plugins like Arturia, make sense , to have a real "analogic" feeling control with analog synth.

This is only the GAP that makes real physical analog synth irremplacable, now, because of 127 MIDI steps controllers.

PitchBend could fix this...

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i was expecting that "no smoothing" value in the parameters, should give the real potential of pitch bend horizontally... Well : maybe an additionnal option to have "linear pitchbend" which shut off the "smooth option" and give it linear , not "captured" by other MIDI notes".

Hello Claude-Samuel,

The 'Smoothing' value help you decide whether you want a Portamento or a Continuous sliding Pitch Bend aka Glissando.

But we understand that the Filter Smoothing and and Strength value are a bit confusing

We will probably change that to Discrete values 

And add as well an option to add a Quantize option to create a New Midi Note instead of playing on the Pitch Bend channel value.

Thanks for the note!

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