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Multistate Button - visual & functional

As a user i want buttons to have X states with same function to represent better different statuses of my DAW &/or devices.

Example - Looper in ableton live. I want to map 
Ren/Play/Overdub to one button sending Note or CC. The button is not latching. But i would want it to have 3 states:

State one - White - Default / Empty - this state only exist once 
State two - Red - Recording/Overdubbing
State three - Blue - Playing

Of course an API element for Ableton Looper that can show all of its states (recording, overdub, play, cleared/empty, blinking bars, etc) would be epic addition as well if possible. 


As a user i want buttons to have X states with different functions per state so that i can set-up complex control layouts for performances.

For example:
State one - Note C4 ch1
State two - CC 104 value X 

State three - Note C5 ch2

State four - Program Change

This would allow users to create various variations within limited space of 

But for start just different colours would be a very welcome addition. 

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Much interesting idea !

i should add a request for a "radiobutton" feature, as a multi-grid, wich shows Active only ONE place for 2 or 3 or 4 on the grid.  this should be useful too, for some case i am using ( with MIDI note out, of course )

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