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Embodme not responding to refund requests

I cannot believe that I am even having to get to the point of writing this. It's extremely unprofessional that Embodme has decided to disregard my request for a refund even though there is a clear 30 day refund policy. I have sent two emails with no response to be found. I advise whoever is looking to buy a Touch to wait until this company can get a grip on its customer service.

So I bought the Erae Touch. It arrived last week and since then, I am trying to get it to work, but it's just sending normal Midi and no MPE data. It doesn't matter if I am trying it in Cubase, Ableton or Bitwig. Neither the USB or Midi Port is sending MPE data. Working on a Macbook Air M1 and Ventura 13.1. I'd tried it with Pigments, Equator2, Kult and Abyss. My Roli Seaboard Block on the other hand is working fine. And because of there lacking customer service I am more than just frustrated. I opened last week a ticket. Got yesterday one response. I answered immediately and still got no response from them. In there forum I saw and read since last week, from many disappointed and frustrated customers. It's a shame, cause there product has potential, and I would love to play my MPE Soft Synths with it. But sadly I bought a product that does't work like it should. If one of your viewers is thinking to buy from them, they should know, that there on there own. One could also get the impression, that the company is fully aware of this problems (incomplete and defective product) because in Apple Audio-Midi-Setup one can see, that there MPE port is not detected, and they wrote it in there own forum 7 months ago. So it seems to be a MacOs problem and they know of it. And now I am still waiting for a refund response. It feels like fraud to me! Especially 'cause this company will charge you with a fee, for using it, despite the fact, that it doesn't worked!

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Gosh I'm sorry that you're struggling to get in contact as much as I am. At this point I may just contact my bank and tell the what is happening. Such a shame.

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Have you recieved a response yet, Jake? I just wrote them as well regarding a refund, and this kind of message does make one a bit nervous to say the least. Hope they respond and sort it out.

I wrote them additionally per mail ( & and the youtuber "the midlife synthesist" wrote me in his comments, that he will also try to contact them for me. Nothing! No response!

And because I'm certainly sure, that my unit is broken, I would love to try it out with a new one. I bought the erae touch, because I want a MPE controller, and their product has potential.  So instead of a refund I want an exchange, but with this customer service I don't know. My unit has the serial number 468 and to be fair, there's only a handful of not satisfied customers here and not 468.

So I want to give them the benefit of a doubt. 

Today I should have a video call with them, but I found the right settings myself before the call. It was my mistake. I did't understood the concept with mpe split and the alt button. Now it makes sense.

And also:

As I've read in the forum, that there are only 10 guys running the company, I understood the delay in communications with them.

I want to add that I recieved a quick reply (within 2 days), and even if there was a mix up between me and another person with a name close to mine, they repaired the mistake quick and well. The communication was excellent, at least in my case, and they were very friendly.

I hope everyone have gotten the same response - like someone mentioned it seems (at least to me) that it is mainly a matter of how many people are available to handle the support, which is something I understand. Sure, you have a responsibility to your customers (of course), but startups are difficult and stressful.

Hope everyone has the same experience, now I'm going to see if DHL are as easy to deal with. :)

So I did receive a response finally! It took a couple weeks but we are good now!

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